2020 Stewardship Campaign

Celebrating 194 Years of Ministry

“As you work, as you come and go, as you pass among the crowds, to be a contemplative will mean simply that you try to turn to Jesus within you and enter into conversation with Him, as with the one you love the most in the world.”

(Little Sister Magdeleine of Jesus)

Dear Friends,

Madeleine Hutin was a 20th century contemplative who was inspired by intense visions of the Infant Jesus early in her life and found her vocation to live modestly among the poor much like Jesus during his “hidden years” as a carpenter before his public ministry. She established an order of Little Sisters of Jesus whose aim was, not to evangelize in a formal sense, but to live within the world like leaven, imparting a spirit of love.

Our mission as a parish is much the same. As we take on the likeness of Christ within ourselves, loving God with all our heart, all our soul, all our mind and all our strength, we then go out into the world offering a sense of peace and comfort for all to know. It’s not always easy. Our world is filled with messages and examples to the contrary. But we can still come back home to be fed again, to strengthen our souls, and to turn inward to the One who is true.

As we look toward the new year and find ways to support each other and our parish ministries, please consider your life in Christ and how He is moving within you. Take time out of every day to recognize His presence. Acknowledge His love. Offer your true self in return.

Join us as we enter into stewardship with one another in preparing to offer out God’s love and ministry in 2020. Your membership and pledge are greatly appreciated.

Blessings in Christ Jesus,
Mother Shelley +
Rector, St. John’s Church, Brooklyn


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